Get To Know Us

We Are…

…a full-service communications and creativity agency located on the Emerald Coast of Florida. Our epic adventure starts out something like this.

Troy Dooly got tired of working for other people and decided it was time to start helping others find their purpose and craft the real reason they were in business, and to make sure from that point forward that every process, decision, and directive lined up with the purpose of the company.

By the way just in case you wonder, we are nice laid-back people to get to know! We had to say that because some folks have seen some of Troy’s more opinionated videos online, and think he is surrounded by a bunch of former Marine’s and bounty hunters, with the dispositions of Mr. Clean and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Seriously it’s important to us for you to realize our purpose really is to help you find yours. We are not here to dictate to you what your purpose should be; we are here to guide you in discovering your purpose and crafting everything your company does around that purpose. From your branding and messaging to your customer service, to ever other decision you will make as a team. Everything will revolve around your purpose – Or you throw it out!

We’re all in this together, so let’s have some fun. Remember we can’t fulfill our purpose, unless we help you fulfill yours!

We work with some incredible visionary entrepreneurs. Ambitious founders and c-level executives. And private, public and global companies that stand for something and enterprises that want to transcend their categories and be a positive force in people’s lives.

We’re focused on helping you lead your company, brand, products or organization to an iconic level.  We believe that when you discover your purpose and articulate it into a competing story, that you will attract others who will tell your story over and over until the whole world has heard it.

Remember, our purpose is to help you discover yours. This is why we love what we do. It’s why we work with endless energy, fight hard for what we believe, and do what it takes to see that you live out your purpose-inspired vocation. And when we’re done, you’ll likely find us on the beach with our families or sneaking down to Disney World to recharge our inspiration lighthouse.

We are a passionate crew. Our crafters double as ninja gamers. Our designers love photography. Our writers are woodworkers and treasure hunters. One of our founders makes his own BBQ sauces. You can say all this passion inspires the work we do for our clients. If Lighthouse Idea Crafters seems like a place you’d like to work or a team you’d like to partner with, we’d sure like to meet you.

We illuminate the path of creativity for organizations to discover or rediscover  the purpose-inspired difference they stand for, and how to communicate it to the world!